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About the author:

My name is Adam Washbrook and I’m a student of sports journalism at Staffordshire University.

As a young boy, I was never a wild sports fanatic. When I was a kid, I played Pokemon on a Gameboy instead of football on the courtyard. I watched Robot Wars instead of wrestling. I even wore smart shoes to school rather than the closest thing Clarks had to trainers.

I enjoyed my solitude. I was fantastic at beating the computer, being a consumer of terrible television programmes and staying out of people’s way. It was great.

Somewhere along the way though, it all changed. I paid attention as Liverpool Football Club won three trophies (which I won’t describe as a treble) in 2001. I caught a glimpse of pro-wrestling. I even switched from velcro to laces.

Then came the moment that I fell in love with football. May 25th, 2005. I sat with my dad and watched Liverpool go three goals behind to one of the greatest AC Milan sides in history, leaving them all but out of the Champions League final barely 45 minutes after it had begun.

As the naive child I was, I remember vividly turning to him and saying: “If they can score three goals in the first-half, Liverpool can score three goals in the second.” I can’t remember whether or not he knocked back another beverage, but in hindsight I certainly would’ve.

Of course what followed is echoed in history as one of – if not the greatest – Champions League comebacks of all time. Liverpool were crowned champions of Europe, my dad and I were jubilant. Hell, he still has the VCR tape from the night. It’s terrible quality, truly.

From then on I played football, I watched football. I listened to commentary, and I listened to TalkSport, which was probably my biggest mistake. All those opinions knocking around. Some of them so, SO bad. I got hooked on arguing.

The thrill of winding people up, being right, sticking my nose in, or all of the above was too good to stop. I would argue for arguments sake. I honestly think I pissed off just about anyone I ever met, and that’s a record I probably hold to this day.

One day, on a sleepless night and following an intense teenage Facebook comments fight, I put my thoughts down onto paper. I’d read the news before, so I figured why not? I just wanted to put down my opinion and crack a joke or two in the process.

I’ve been writing ever since. I’ve written for websites, for newspapers, for football clubs. I’ve covered the game professionally and I do all the basics fairly often. My love, however, was and always will be in the narrative. Growing up, I read FourFourTwo. Informative, funny, and it wasn’t all PG. Unforgivingly intellectually arrogant.

That’s really what keeps me interested; in movies, in books, in sport, in writing. Outspoken cynics who speak the raw truth are always more entertaining than knights who tow the company line, be it true of Sherlock Holmes or CM Punk. Joey Barton is probably an exception. 

So, this is probably not the blog where you’ll find my latest 300-word match report, but it is the blog where you’ll find my unbridled opinion. This is the place where you can read me venting, whether it’s on Liverpool’s failings, WWE’s missed booking opportunities, or Red John’s terrible reveal in the Mentalist. If it happened, I’ve probably got a problem with it.

Read my rants. Be there when the Adam Bomb drops. Enjoy.


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