#TimeToTalk: Why I keep a diary

There’s lot to say about mental health, and the truth is that whilst progressive minds support healthy growth and acceptance in society, there’s still plenty of people who are determined to give anyone who’s suffering just another reason to feel like shit. Everybody goes through their own struggles and though of course some struggle more than others,…… Continue reading #TimeToTalk: Why I keep a diary

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Mop top boss Klopp to drop job lot of Kop flops?

Let me start this piece with a precursor. At the exact moment of me writing these words, it’s currently half-time at Anfield as Liverpool prepare to start the second half of their third round FA cup tie with West Brom with the score at 3-1. Though my mood may change as time ticks on, I…… Continue reading Mop top boss Klopp to drop job lot of Kop flops?

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Wanted: License to thrill

Are you being a misogynist at work? Fed up of leaning against limited edition Aston Martins for shitty promotional posters? Tired of running off into the sunset only to return every single fucking time? Daniel Craig is, and it couldn’t be more obvious. For England’s most recognised one man army, the prospect of seemingly unlimited girls and…… Continue reading Wanted: License to thrill